Thursday: Family Preparedness

Today’s topic is FAMILY PREPAREDNESS. Nobody knows when a disaster will happen to you. Don’t have the …it won’t happen to me…attitude. If you are prepared the disaster will be easier to handle. You need to have a plan for you and your family. It is best to make a plan now and know what to do when severe approaches and what to do after the storm. HAVE A PLAN. These four steps can help you.

Step 1: Answer these questions…

1) How are we going to receive watches and warnings? (Check back to the Tuesday topic to help you with that information.)

2) Where will I take shelter?

3) Evacuation route?

4) What is the communication plan?

Step 2: What are the needs for each member of your house? Don’t forget your pets needs.

Step 3: Write out the plan on paper. This link will help you.

Step 4: Practice…go through the motions on what you will do and here you will go. Practice the plan.

This link has more details on the above steps.


Click on the image below to get a printable list of items you should have before a disaster occurs.

The three videos below are what you should do before, during and after a tornado in your area.



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Dust Devil

Doug is the Assistant Fire Chief in Manhattan, KS. He let me share this video he took Tuesday afternoon.


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I-35 near Ames…multi-car accident

Multi-car accident on I-35 near Ames on Monday. Here is how the whole thing played out. Scary!


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Dust Devil

A dust devil in Waverly today at Schneiders Milling on Highway 3/East Bremer Ave. Taken by Chris Pletz.


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Hail in Calmar

A few storms produced small hail with heavy rain Monday evening. Here is a photo and video of hail in Calmar.



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Thursday evening weather update

Fog Advisory

Click on the DENSE FOG ADVISORY graphic above for a video update.


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ICYMI Dec 5 – Canadian Model – BRRRR – 47″ of Snow –

Getting the forecast right is the ultimate goal for Meteorologists. We use many different kinds of model guidance to help us with that and one if them is the Canadian model. It might be getting an upgrade in the near future. Click here for the details.


Below normal temperatures in Alaska and western Canada are coming south this week with high temperatures in the teens and 20s and potential wind chills above and below zero.

47″ of snow in 36 hours…Check out the time lapse…this was in April 2016 in Evergreen, CO.




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ICYMI Oct 11-SPC/Atom/Nicole/Milky Way/Coldest

Here is a look at severe weather by the numbers, in September, by the Storm Prediction Center.



Everything is made up of atoms, but have you ever seen one?  Apparently, you can now. Check out what scientists at the University of California can show you in this YouTube video:


Nicole has become a hurricane (again) and is heading toward Bermuda.


For the latest track and information, visit the National Hurricane Center’s webpage.


Massive Cloud on Collision Course with the Milky Way


Here is a look at the coldest temps in the past few Octobers at Waterloo. So far this year the coldest temp is 34°.




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ICYMI – Sept 13…Rocky Road/ Magnetic Putty/ Tornado Scar/ Super Typhoon

After several weeks of heavy rainfall, with only a few breaks in between, the latest round of storms may have proved too much for a boulder near Marquette. The Iowa Department of Transportation posted these photos on their Facebook page this morning.  The road was completely closed for an hour or so as crews worked to move the huge rock. As you can see, it was almost as large as the tractor they were using to move it.   The tree took a tree with it to help block the road.

Iowa DOT Highway 76 Marquette September 13 2016 photo 1 Iowa DOT Highway 76 Marquette September 13 2016 photo 2


Meet Magnetic Putty! (Found on The Space Academy Facebook Page).


Russian meteorologists are trapped by Polar Bears!

Polar Bear

Five Russian meteorologists are 2800 miles north of Moscow… closer to Northern Canada than their countries capital.  And… they’ve run out of flares to keep the pack away.  This sounds like a movie plot, but you can read about the true story by clicking here.

Dust Devils from smoke plumes (found on Severe Weather Europe’s Facebook Page)


The photo below is a sunrise from an airplane on August 28, 2016.


Click here for another photo and more details about the two photos.


A close call for this family.

Here are the storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center. Link here.


Click on the image below for the video. 


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Space Station View of Active Tropics


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