Eastern Iowa’s Toughest Jobs…road grader driver

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I have a new respect for those folks that maintain our roads!  Winter time, they are out there in the cold, plowing snow.  Spring time, they are out there in all kinds of weather.  Summer brings the heat, of course, and then comes the autumn with cooler days and chilly nights.  Mr. Wayne Even took time from his busy day to give me a look into his job. Wayne has been driving a road grader for about 15 years.  He took us out to some of Black Hawk County’s gravel roads and showed us how he keeps them in good shape.  The grader is a complicated machine with lots of power.  It wouldn’t take long for someone like me to make a mess, but a pro like Wayne makes it look easy.  It’s not easy.  I got to try my hand at driving and running the grader (Wayne was right there in the cab with me, so I didn’t worry too much about getting into trouble) and I managed to level out about two miles of road.  There are lots of levers to pull, lots of buttons to push, lots of ways to do it wrong.  I’m glad I had Wayne as my teacher.  Without a doubt, driving a road grader is one of Eastern Iowa’s Toughest Jobs!

One of the Black Hawk County road graders

The "office" where Wayne works

Rookie grader driver (nice vest, though!)

Mr. Wayne Even, grader driver extraordinaire

Wayne showing Jeff how it is done

Click here to see Wayne driving the Grader
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