The Blue Hat Ladies of Dysart

May 17, 2010 2 Comments

When you visit Dysart you’ll find excellent schools, a wonderful Main Street with a terrific collection of shops and stores, and lots of friendly people.  Great food, too!  You might meet up with the Blue Hat Ladies while you are in town.  Cathy, Claudette, Jackie, Ann and Pat make up the Blue Hat Ladies…a group of women that is very enthusiastic about their town.  When busloads of visitors come to Dysart, the Blue Hat Ladies make them feel welcome by being tour guides and providing useful information.  Come see us soon in Dysart!

Dysart welcomes you!

Claudette Gumbert, one of the Blue Hat Ladies

The Blue Hat Ladies of Dysart

Model of the new museum that will be built in town

Here’s a link to the Dysart web site…

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  1. Ann Anniss says:

    You and Matt did a great job interviewing the Blue Hat Ladies and getting video of Dysart! We enjoyed the day immensely!
    Loved the piece that was aired Friday night.

    Come see us again soon……….and bring your friends! Let us know when you are coming and we will give you a Dysart Welcome!

  2. Mary Ann Gregory says:

    Jeff Kennedy and Matt Kaupert were as nice and professional as can be. They did a great job of interviewing our business women and gave them all equal time.
    Mary Ann Gregory

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