Jeff’s Hot Air Balloon Ride

September 13, 2010 1 Comment

The best way to watch the weather is to get outside, and in this case, get up into the sky!  On Wednesday, September 8th, Jason Mortvedt and I got to go for a hot air balloon ride.  Jason’s full-time job is the Assignment Editor at KWWL…but he is also a great photographer…and during the balloon ride he had his camera along.  Mr. Kevin Kamp is the balloon pilot.  We met Kevin and his crew in Marion.  It was an ideal day, weatherwise…hardly any wind, very few clouds and not too humid.  Jason and I watched while the balloon was inflated…first with cool air, then with hot air.  Quite fascinating!  I have flown fixed-wing aircraft for over 30 years, but had never done the balloon thing.  Kevin was a very gracious host and explained much about ballooning during our flight.  He also made a very gentle landing…and speaking as a pilot I can tell you that the landing is the most important part of the flight!  That’s usually the part that your passengers remember, and if you bounce the landing they’ll tell all their friends that you don’t know how to fly very well.  Nice job, Kevin!

Laying out the balloon

Getting ready to inflate

Getting nearly full of cool air

Jason inside the balloon

Jason inside the balloon

Hot air going into the balloon

Just before lift-off

Soaring over Marion

Downtown Cedar Rapids in the distance

After landing, getting the air back out of the balloon

Putting the balloon back in the bag

The whole crew back on the ground!

Click here to see video of Inflating the balloon

Click here to see video of our Takeoff

Click here to see video of us Coming down

Click here to see video of Kevin’s Gentle landing

Click here to see the crew Letting the air back out of the balloon

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  1. Dr Ed says:

    That looks like alot of fun guys. Add to my List. EDS

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