Jeff’s trip to Union Middle School in Dysart

November 18, 2010 1 Comment

Computer forecast model

Mr. Switzer’s 8th grade math class has been studying percentages and integers.  Those are things that we use every day in weather forecasting.  I had the chance to visit with Mr. Switzer’s students On Wednesday, November 17.  We learned  how meteorologists use percentages when talking about precipitation chances, and how we use integers when forecasting temperature.  We talked about how computers help us compile all the weather data and how we use math to help us predict the weather.

Thanks to the fine folks in Dysart for a nice time at school.

Click here to see Mr Switzer’s students saying hello

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  1. Matt Switzer says:

    You are an incredible resource and your rapport with the students made for a worthwhile and informative activity. Thanks again!

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