Jeff’s trip to La Porte City

November 2, 2012 1 Comment

Click here to see the last of the 5th gradersClick here to see more of the 5th gradersClick here to see some of the 5th graders

All trails lead to La Porte City

Come see us in La Porte City!

La Porte City Elementary School

La Porte City Elementary School

Thanks to my friends at La Porte City Elementary School! I got to visit with Mrs. Burmeister and the 5th graders on Friday, November 2. Everyone wanted to talk about Hurricane Sandy and all the damage from the storm. We also talked about severe storms in Iowa. We learned about how important the Sun is when it comes to our weather…and how the seasons change as the Earth orbits the Sun. I had a nice day in La Porte City.

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  1. Vanessa Rosauer says:

    My daughter, Riley, absolutely loved your visit. She has not stopped talking about what she learned from you since that day. Thank you for taking time to visit the school and spending time with our kids!

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